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4th Grade Overnight: 22-23 School Year

Updated: Apr 28

A signature program at FernLeaf for ALL students is an annual overnight experience. An important part of FernLeaf's mission is to help students grow in numerous ways beyond just academics, and multi day overnight fieldwork experiences are an important part of this. Time away from families in a safe, structured, and fun environment with trusted adults allows students to develop self-confidence and build independence in ways that are just not possible in other settings. This is ONE example of many overnights that happened during the 22-23 school year!

Our 4th graders traveled to Appalachian State University and stayed overnight at Valle Crucis Conference Center. Learn more about their days as written by their teacher Chris Stanfield.

DAY 1:

"We had such a wonderful first day! After quickly dropping off our belongings at our lodge, we toured the beautiful campus of Appalachian State University. The excitement was tangible. I must have heard a dozen students mention that they can't wait to attend. Max and Robert acted as our tour guides (and did AMAZING!) Included in our tour was a visit to the geological museum. It rocked!

Afterwards, we headed back to "camp" and enjoyed some outside time, followed by dinner. Taking full advantage of the gorgeous weather, we headed back outside for some team building activities and a wrap up meeting. To be continued..."

DAY 2:

"We spent the majority of the day exploring Grandfather Mountain. There was a bit of weather recording/reporting, animal exhibiting, hiking, as well as hands-on learning about our weather and area's biodiversity. We concluded our visit to Grandfather Mountain with a picnic lunch. We returned to our lodge and spent a couple of hours playing outside in our spacious field while being serenaded by our neighbors (aka cows). After dinner, we gathered by the fire ring to share our appreciation of those in attendance (people and cows).

We'll be returning tomorrow with a bus-load of tuckered out fourth graders. Miranda, Valerie, Max, Robert and I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to spend quality time with your children. We'll see you tomorrow!"

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