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FernLeaf Partners with Defenders of Wildlife to Restore a Portion of Cane Creek

FernLeaf's teachers rely on community partners, like Defenders of Wildlife, to assist with more in depth, hands on and specialized training and teaching of our students during their Project Based Learning units. Project based learning is one of the ways FernLeaf creates a rich learning environment which is one of FernLeaf's Fundamentals. Learn more about how FernLeaf creates rich learning environments for ALL of our students HERE.

The banks of Cane Creek came alive Friday, March 22nd with hard work — much of it by small, determined hands. Students of FernLeaf Community Charter School, joined by their parents and faculty,  came out to kick off the Shade Your Stream project, an effort to improve water quality and wildlife habitat in partnership with Defenders of Wildlife.

“Defenders sees the value in supporting FernLeaf’s curriculum and making a splash in the education of future generations,” said Tracy Davids, senior southeast representative with Defenders of Wildlife. “It’s thrilling to see how this collaboration and our work with the Tennessee River Basin Network blossomed into a project that will benefit wildlife and habitats on campus and in the creek, while also serving as an outdoor classroom.” 

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