Our Team

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Kindergarten Teacher

Chris was born in Germany (his father was an officer in the US Army). He has traveled to several countries and experienced many unique cultures including: Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii (ok - technically part of the US, but unique culture!) and Mexico.

Chris moved to WNC in 2008 to enjoy outdoor pursuits. He worked at a local outdoor store helping outfit customers with outdoor apparel and gear and served as a backpacking guide as well as volunteered with the BSA and Riverlink.

Chris began his educational career as a preschool/kindergarten after school teacher as well as led a 2-3 year old classroom at a local Montessori school, while earning a bachelors in science and Elementary Education with a reading concentration.

Chris lives with his wife Lauren (who is also a Teacher at FernLeaf), 2 children (Abe and Juni), and dog (Turtledog) who’s ironically really fast.

Chris' joy of teaching stems from two contributing factors. The first is his father. After retiring from the U.S. Army, Chris' father went on to teach high school as his second career. Witnessing the impact he was able to have on his students was inspirational. Chris also derives his joy for teaching from a child's ability to learn simply from natural curiosity. Chris loves incorporating this inquiry dynamic into teaching and looks forward to many opportunities to continue its practice at FernLeaf!