Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the amazing FernLeaf Community!  We are a fun loving, positive, and cohesive group of educators committed to the FernLeaf Mission.  We value, respect, and support each other in everything we do which is a part of what makes FernLeaf an awesome place to work.  From our incredible calendar to our noon dismissal every Friday, we are intentional in our school design to make sure our staff feels supported.  Check out what some of our current FernLeaf staff have to say about their experience here!

Available positions for the 2019-2020 School Year:

  • Exceptional Children Assistant - Join our amazing EC Team currently serving students in Kindergarten through 6th grade in a variety of settings. FernLeaf Teacher Assistants form the backbone of our school community and provide support to our students, teachers, and families in innumerable ways. We have the best Assistants anywhere! It is not uncommon for Teacher Assistants to develop into classroom teachers which makes this a great option for beginning teachers and others hoping to get their foot in the door at FernLeaf.


  • Custodian/Maintenance - FernLeaf is incredibly sad that our amazing Custodian Chad is leaving us but equally excited for him to begin his well earned retirement!  We are seeking a new Custodian and Maintenance person to fill his big shoes and be a part of our amazing school community.  FernLeaf's Custodian is an incredibly important part of our culture and plays an important role in the success of our school.  Please complete the TeacherMatch application below (step 1).  No need to complete step 2.


  • Substitute Teachers - We are always on the lookout for fascinating people that want to be a part of the FernLeaf Community and have the flexibility to slide in when needed.


Don't see any opportunities that apply to you but feel like you'd be a good fit at FernLeaf?  Please drop us a line as we love meeting new people who are thinking about the future!

There are two steps to apply for a position at FernLeaf:

  1. Complete a basic application online through the NC  TeacherMatch (Click here for instructions)
  2. Answer a variety of FernLeaf specific question here.
Wondering how our benefits stack up?  Here are a few of the perks of being a FernLeaf Educator beyond the amazing school culture:
  • Noon dismissal every Friday for collaborative planning, staff meetings, and trainings
  • Healthy snacks provided every Monday morning and Friday afternoon (no doughnuts in the workroom here!)
  • Staff wellness initiatives including massage days, delicious lunches, and more!
  • Regular staff outings
  • Annual staff retreats
  • State Salary Schedule for Teachers
  • State Health Plan (Full Time Employees)
  • Extraordinary 401K benefit that exceeds the benefits of The State Employee's Retirement System.  FernLeaf's program is exceptional for any industry, let alone education!  How do we do this?
    • FernLeaf provides a 9% contribution.  This is not a match, it's a guaranteed contribution!
    • We encourage staff to contribute 6% which is the mandatory employee contribution in the State Retirement System that people are used to.
    • FernLeaf hires professional financial advisors to help staff who have been in the retirement system, as well as those who haven't, understand how this can work better for them than the State Retirement System and to help them plan for retirement.
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental, Vision, and other supplemental insurance options.