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FernLeaf Instructional & Events Calendars

The FernLeaf instructional calendar is carefully and intentionally designed to enrich and enhance the educational experience by paying careful attention to the needs of students, families, staff, and the community. FernLeaf's school days run from 8AM - 3PM Monday through Thursday & 8AM - 12PM on Fridays. Importantly, the FernLeaf Instructional Calendar features half days on Fridays to allow for more family time and four well-timed longer breaks including winter break that spans 3 weekends.

FernLeaf Instructional Calendar 2023-2024
FernLeaf Instructional Calendar 24-25

FernLeaf Events Calendar

There is a reason Community is the second word in our name! Community building is very intentional at FernLeaf and we believe the connections that are built through school events are a key aspect of our students becoming "thoughtful, compassionate & engaged" members of the community. 


We sponsor a number of unique events each year ranging from adventure races to social nights at local restaurants. These events are planned to build community and bring the experience, passions and aptitudes of others to us. Past, present and future events can be viewed below.


Be sure to follow us on Facebook for event invites and updates! NOTE: The Events Calendar may take a moment to load.

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