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Maya History, Here We Come! - Belize Field Course Day 6

A signature program at FernLeaf is FernLeaf Travel Experiences. These trips are an EXCELLENT way for students to build independence, develop strong interpersonal skills and discover their unique passions and aptitudes. FernLeaf staff coordinate multiple different optional travel opportunities, domestic and overseas, throughout the year for our students. From March 10 through March 17, 2023 three of our teachers and a small group of students went on a field course study throughout the country of Belize. These blog posts are written by the students and will document their adventures and learning! See DAY 1 , DAY 2 , DAY 3, DAY 4 and DAY 5 posts here.

On our last day at Tobacco Caye, we were all packed and prepared to leave - even though we didn’t want to. The day started off with some fluffy pancakes and orange juice for our breakfast, which everyone enjoyed. After breakfast we boarded a boat to go snorkeling again. During our last snorkel we saw some enormous sea cucumbers, some lobsters, and a few crabs. We went searching for some manatees in a lagoon and visited Bird Island 2.0, the home of many magnificent frigate birds. Then we were ready for lunch, but the teachers had prepared a surprise for us. We were treated to fresh coconut water and meat straight from the coconut. After finishing our food, we hung out for half an hour before getting on our last boat ride.

On the way back to the mainland, we sang some songs. The ride was full of fun and laughs. Many students expressed the sentiment that they didn’t want the boat ride to end, joking about turning back to take a loop around. When we got on the mainland, we sang a few more songs and made more memories. However, when the bus came, we knew it was time to say goodbye to island paradise and hello to Maya history.

The bus ride to where we were staying was incredibly scenic. We used the Hummingbird Highway to travel through the mountains of Belize on a scenic route reminiscent of the Blue Ridge Parkway back home. During the ride, our fellow students bonded over snacks and geography knowledge. When we arrived at Clarissa Falls, we got a warm welcome into our dormitories with a delicious dinner. Everyone headed to bed full of excitement for tomorrow, our final full day in the beautiful country of Belize.

This week has gone by really fast, hasn’t it!

Made by: April :D, Leah ;), Kinley >:)

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