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Belize Field Course: Day 1

A signature program at FernLeaf is FernLeaf Travel Experiences. These trips are an EXCELLENT way for students to build independence, develop strong interpersonal skills and discover their unique passions and aptitudes. FernLeaf staff coordinate multiple different optional travel opportunities, domestic and overseas, throughout the year for our students. From March 10 through March 17, 2023 three of our teachers and a small group of students went on a field course study throughout the country of Belize. These blog posts are written by the students and will document their adventures and learning!

Our day started with an abrupt awaking at 2:00 AM and a long drive to the airport. A 4:00 AM meetup showed high spirits amid sleepy faces, and out of Greenville we went. From Greenville, we went to Miami, through their giant airport, then headed to Belize.

Once we arrived in Belize we waited in Immigration and Customs. After we were officially in Belize we got a warm welcoming from our tour guide Zhawn who later took us to a delicious restaurant on a beautiful 6 acre plot of land called Amigo's. We had giant burritos, burgers, chicken quesadillas, etc. We then got our lodging situated at the Tropical Education Center or TEC for short. The TEC gave us a presentation on general Belize knowledge, after which we hit the pool on campus.

Following the pool and showers we had some free time, then we pounced on the delicious fresh food they provided: chicken, rice & beans, coleslaw, a delicious banana cake, and to top it all off we had freshly squeezed watermelon juice.

Here are some quotes from our friends on the trip:

"I have had, so far, a wonderful time immersing myself in the cuisine, culture, and I've watched my FOMO diminish greatly."

"The best part of the trip so far, and yes I know it's only the first day but still, it has to have been the incredible landscapes sprawling across the country."

See you tomorrow! Belize out!

Written by FernLeaf students attending the Belize Field Course: Kedzie, Logan & Kaden.

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