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Community Partnership is CRUCIAL in Project Based Learning at FernLeaf

Updated: Feb 14

FernLeaf's teachers rely on community partners, like Defenders of Wildlife, to assist with more in depth, hands on and specialized training and teaching of our students during their Project Based Learning units. Project based learning is one of the ways FernLeaf creates a rich learning environment which is one of FernLeaf's Fundamentals. Learn more about how FernLeaf creates rich learning environments for ALL of our students HERE.

Here's an excerpt from a blog post written by Tracy Davids of "Defenders of Wildlife:"

"In 2023, we leveraged our partnership with TRBN to support another partner, FernLeaf Community Charter School in Fletcher, North Carolina, to begin restoring its riparian area. Students at FernLeaf are immersed in project-based experiential learning with a focus on outdoor environmental education. FernLeaf engages in community partnerships, providing students with unique hands-on learning experiences while also promoting environmental awareness and conservation. FernLeaf’s learning model was an appropriate match for a TRBN grant, and with Defenders’ support, the school received funding for a river campus restoration project. This project will benefit wildlife and habitats, while also serving as an outdoor classroom."

Check out this short interview with FernLeaf's 5th & 6th grade science teacher Emily Moreno!

And another short interview with FernLeaf's environmental education teacher Ryan Lubbers.

What an INCREDIBLE and inspiring project our students and teachers get to be a part of! Thank you Defenders!

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