FernLeaf's Mission is...

to foster a rich learning environment that embodies the essence of community, understanding, and the human spirit. Grounded in humble respect for our surroundings, the individual, and the world as a whole, we seek to engage the unique passions and aptitudes of our school community so that in addition to achieving academic fluency, students become thoughtful, compassionate, and engaged.


What makes FernLeaf special?

It’s a place where all students feel...

  • encouraged  to develop their innate creativity and curiosity, are connected to their community and the environment, and can experience the joy and wonder of learning and living.
  • challenged  by a rich and rigorous approach to academics while learning the skills necessary to be thoughtful, compassionate, and engaged individuals.
  • inspired  to pursue their unique passions and aptitudes.

Students' needs are met by providing...

  • a small collaborative learning environment built upon kindness, respect, and trust.
  • a robust Experiential and Project Based Learning Model.
  • kind and caring teachers who balance traditional core academics through an integrated approach that includes social-emotional learning, arts, service learning and stewardship, environmental education/awareness, sustainable living, outdoor education, entrepreneurship, cultural awareness, and comprehensive health and wellness.

A school culture that...

  • embraces diversity, values creativity and innovation, and respects learning as an ongoing organic process.
  • prepares students to meet the unknown challenges of the 21st century.
  • allows students to achieve academic fluency, discover their passions and aptitudes, and become thoughtful, compassionate, and engaged contributors to society.


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