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A note from our Director: On the Lottery.

FernLeaf recently completed its annual Enrollment Lottery for students in grades K-9 for next school year: 2022-2023. With nearly 750 applicants for only 68 slots, we are deeply honored and humbled by the interest in FernLeaf and the demand for the unique educational offerings we are able to provide. This extraordinarily high demand is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of our remarkable staff along with a clear vision for what a public school can look like in the context of 21st century American public education.

While many schools are struggling to find enough staff to simply keep their doors open and keep their students safe, FernLeaf also continues to be a highly sought after place for educators to call home and put their skills to good use. We are grateful for the many talents of our existing staff and the high quality of the educators we continue to attract for the future.

The FernLeaf lottery is an extraordinary thing. The simple act of compiling the names of students eager to be a part of FernLeaf and selecting them at random has the power to dramatically change lives. At the push of a button, a lottery drawing has just forever altered the life experiences of the students and their families who just received slots, just as it altered yours when you “won the lottery” yourselves.

And whether it is chance, luck, or serendipity that brings our school community together, everyone at FernLeaf takes it very seriously that the responsibility to do great things for kids is still ours and is not something we can simply leave to chance. We know that we represent the hopes and dreams of our students and their families.

We honor that incredible responsibility, acknowledge the twist of fate that made it all happen, and will always work tirelessly to help our students have the lives they deserve.

We are grateful for our seasoned FernLeaf families and we are excited to get to know the newest additions! We can’t wait to share with them all of the things that make FernLeaf such a special place. Things like the innovation and creativity that students learn through Project Based Learning, the high quality of our rigorous Academic Program, the rich learning environments that come out of FernLeaf’s emphasis on Fieldwork and Overnight Experiences, our dedication to Outdoor and Environmental Education, our deep commitment to Social and Emotional Learning, all of the Unique On-Campus Activities we offer, and the value we place on Community and Culture.

Our new families are in for a treat and we can’t wait for all of you to share in the FernLeaf experience with them and help them to feel welcome as the newest members of a community brought together by a simple twist of fate.

With Love,


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