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Unique On-Campus Activities

FernLeaf Community Charter School On Campus Activities
FernLeaf not only provides a high quantity and quality of off-site fieldwork and overnight opportunities, we also bring unique opportunities to campus!

A crucial aspect of building community is to be a host opening our doors to a variety of outside organizations and experts. FernLeaf's community and culture is supported by hosting on-campus events, ultimately building a pride of place and community amongst our staff, students and neighbors.  

Examples of On-Campus Activities:

  • LEAF Schools & Streets.

  • Mountain Roots Outdoor Education.

  • Regular musical performances through Performing Arts classes.

  • Diverse afterschool opportunities.

  • Monarch hatching, tagging and releasing.

  • All school assembly with Coy Bowles of the Zac Brown Band.

  • Annual last day of school potluck with the entire school community and their families.

  • Stone Soup celebration.

  • Overnight opportunity at school for our younger students.

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