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A Turtleriffic Day: Day 2 of FernLeaf Sea to Mountains Trip

FernLeaf believes in hands-on, experiential learning as a key way to foster curiosity and deep learning in our students. We believe in this SO strongly that our teachers coordinate multiple different optional travel opportunities, domestic and overseas, throughout the year for our students. From September 18 - September 23, 2022 three of our teachers and a small group of students went on a journey across our state to learn more about its diversity and beauty. Students will journey from the coast to the mountains. These blog posts are written by the students and will document their adventures and learning! See the Day 1 post here.

Our night was enhanced by the sounds of local wildlife and we woke up bright and early. We had a nutritious camp breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast cooked over the fire. Our crew got ready for a day filled with learning about costal wildlife.

Our first stop of the day was Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital. This is a place that helps sick and injured sea turtles. They take them in, diagnose their problem/injury and provide a treatment for that turtle. Their main goal is to release the turtles back into the wild. Some sea turtles can not be released and have to stay in captivity for their benefits.

While at the sea turtle Hospital we got to see a hatchling named Zeus and other patients. We also got to see other turtles that were being rehabilitated from being cold stunned or struck by boats. It was incredible to see people working hard to help protect this amazing species.

After the turtles the group headed for the beach for some free time and fun in the waves. We splashed, jumped, and played catch on the beach for the afternoon. We had a blast. To help us cool off from fun in the sun we stopped at Pelicans Snowballs.

Our evening wrapped up with a turtle talk from the Pleasant Island Sea Turtle Group. We learned about the different turtle species that are in our oceans and which turtles lay eggs on the beaches of NC. In one season a mother turtle will lay a clutch of eggs 2-3 different times that year. Each clutch is about 150 eggs. The turtle helpers can identify the different turtles by their unique crawl patterns they leave on the beach.

It was a turtleriffic day!

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