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Have you heard of the FernLeaf Fundamentals? Learn more HERE!

An elementary through high school experience like no other -  enriching lives through community, high quality academics & hands-on learning.

Why you'll ❤️ FernLeaf!

  • High Quality Comprehensive Academic Instruction ensuring success beyond school

  • Experiential & Project Based Learning that brings learning to life

  • Environmental & Outdoor Education across all grade levels

  • Monthly field trips

  • Emphasis on social & emotional growth and development

  • Prioritization of time outside and interacting with the natural world

  • Comprehensive Visual Arts, Performing Arts, STEM, Spanish & Athletic programming across ALL grade levels

  • Talented high quality teachers who care deeply about their students' academic success and personal wellbeing

  • Small community school feel

  • Service learning opportunities

2024 Niche Best Schools FernLeaf

By preserving children’s innate love of learning and nurturing creativity, curiosity, and imagination, FernLeaf’s early years in grades K - 4th lay the foundation for a successful school experience across all grade levels.


During this exciting period of rapid growth and development, FernLeaf students in grades 5-8 are provided with increasingly challenging academic experiences along with high levels of support as they begin to explore new social dynamics, physical changes, intellectual capabilities, and a desire for greater independence.

FernLeaf Community Charter School High School

FernLeaf honors this important and meaningful time in students’ lives by providing high levels of academic rigor, preparation for college, real world experiences, safe social opportunities, and support in the development of healthy relationships.  Students leave FernLeaf prepared for college, work, and life beyond high school as they move into adulthood.

"What we love about FernLeaf is the compassion, patience and guidance each teacher has for every child to learn."


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Schedule an in-person tour and get a first hand look in our classrooms while getting your questions answered in real time!

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Make sure to fill out our online application BEFORE March 31st to be entered into our lottery for the following school year.

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Our lottery for each upcoming school year will be held in April. You'll be notified via email if your student received a slot!

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Join our Community

Accept your slot and get ready to join our incredible community in the fall!

What Families Are Saying...

"The educators at FernLeaf are lovingly devoted to creating an engaging, thoughtful and safe environment for learning, both academically and emotionally. Both of my children, who are different in nearly every way, have thrived at FernLeaf. We feel so lucky to be a part of this unique and beautiful school community!"
FernLeaf 8th grader reading to a Kindergarten Student

Academic Success AND students who LOVE learning!

Academic Success AND students who LOVE learning!

Life Long Learners

Academic Success AND students who LOVE learning!

FernLeaf as a concept was born nearly two decades ago around a camp fire with a group of local educators that wanted to approach education in a different way.

As our director Michael Luplow likes to say, 'school is synonymous with life.' It’s the main course, not a side dish.


Consider this: School is where children go every day, it’s where they spend most of their waking hours, it’s where most of their friends are, it’s where their greatest exposure to adult role models takes place, and it has a profound effect on their social and emotional development and well being - all of which have ramifications that play out over the duration of their lives.

Everyone at FernLeaf takes it very seriously that the responsibility to do great things for kids is ours and is not something we can leave to chance.

FernLeaf’s culture allows students to thrive in a small, tight-knit learning environment that embraces diversity, values creativity, curiosity and innovation, & embodies the essence of community, understanding, and the human spirit.

We hope to see YOU in our community soon!

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