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Zack Johnson

7th & 8th Grades Assistant Teacher

Zack’s upbringing was shaped by the rich storytelling tradition of the South Carolina Lowcountry and the vibrant history of Tidewater Virginia.

His love of history and books was nurtured through living in historical places and a few fantastic teachers who saved him the latest novel or took their class into the forest to learn. He spent a short time working in museum education before moving on to a 15 year stint in the library field. The experiences of those years were filled with storytelling, songs, theatre, fantastic literature, and paper cuts. After watching his children thrive socially, emotionally, & academically at FernLeaf, he was thrilled to become a part of the community that had so nurtured his children.

When not busy with work and family, he can be found playing board games while listening to music or with his nose in either a nonfiction book or a Star Trek paperback all the while sipping on tea; Earl Grey, hot.

Zack Johnson
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