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Trent Codd

9th & 10th Grades Math Teacher

Trent was born in Virginia into a musical family. Both his father and mother were performers. His father played the piano and his mother sang in an orchestra. So, it was natural that Trent grew up enjoying music. He joined a band in his late teens and entertained with his piano playing and his brand of humor throughout various venues on Miami Beach and on mainland Miami.

During his teens, Trent developed an active interest in electronics and eventually decided to become an electrical engineer. As he followed coursework in college to this end, Trent became preoccupied by the different teaching methods of his professors – especially those who taught mathematics. Integrating what he thought might be the best practices among those he observed, Trent decided to put his thoughts into practice. He earned his teaching license in 1971 and his career began.

With degrees in mathematics, physics, electronics, computer science, and educational curriculum and leadership, Trent has taught students in middle schools, high schools, community colleges and universities. Trent has also served as a high school principal and has written and developed computer application software for a school system in Florida as well as for several campuses of the North Carolina Community College System.

After retiring from full-time work, Trent continues to teach on a part-time basis. Currently enjoying his time at FernLeaf, he also co-founded and serves at a private high school in Arden, and he teaches as an adjunct professor of mathematics and statistics at UNC Asheville.

Trent and his wife, Celine, relocated from Miami to Western North Carolina in 1987. They enjoy family gatherings and activities with their four sons and nine grandchildren.

Trent Codd
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