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Shannon Frazier

2nd Grade Assistant Teacher

Shannon’s passion for assisting can be traced back to helping her Aunt with her 1st grade class in Tennessee during school breaks from Ohio, where she grew up. It was during these visits where she got to see a passion for learning in the eyes of these young students. Being helpful is one of Shannon’s values; To be able to help just one child grasp a concept or idea and build upon it with joy and wonderment is such a reward.

The times spent helping her Aunt really shaped the idea of curating a class into a fun environment with individuality and uniqueness. Each day they would select a “peanut”. The peanut was the helper of the day. Each child got the opportunity to assist with passing out papers, writing on the board, collecting assignments, etc. It gave each child the sense of responsibility which they always looked forward to and completed with pride. Working as last year’s extended care coordinator reignited her passion for helping out within the classroom setting.

Shannon is a graduate of East Tennessee State University, where she majored in Mass Communications with focus on Advertising and Art. When she is not busy being a multitasking Ninja, she can be found singing karaoke, checking out local events, or treasure hunting at thrift stores.

Shannon Frazier
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