Our Team

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Kindergarten Teacher

Natalie is an advocate for young children with a passion for environmental education and mindfulness in early childhood. She believes in nurturing the whole child with an emphasis on the unique spirit of each individual. Natalie has 17 years of teaching experience from birth to 2nd grade and everything in between.

Natalie is also a mother to 3 children of her own and two bonus kiddos in her blended family. She has been a teacher with Asheville City Schools for the past 7 years. During the 2020 school year, she started a micro-school with her partner to support students in virtual school and to provide a safe space for learning and growing in-person, during a global pandemic. She says it was the most important work she's done thus far.

Natalie is licensed to teach Preschool - 6th grade in North Carolina and holds a Bachelor’s and Master's degree in Early Childhood Education. She believes it’s vital for children to immerse in nature, learn through play, cooperate with peers, be the leader of their own learning, find gratitude in daily life, develop self-love and confidence and learn to honor and respect the Earth and all living things.

She is excited to share her love of the natural world with your child at FernLeaf!