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Molly Luplow

Upper School Director, Grades 5 and up

As one of the school’s founders, she has worked to support the development of FernLeaf behind the scenes since 2013 through committee and board involvement. Molly earned her bachelor’s degree from The University of Iowa, and then a master’s degree in human services counseling. She is a licensed professional counselor, and holds a NC school counselor license.

Molly’s background includes two decades of experience working with children, adolescents, and families in both the school and community setting. She is passionate about her own lifelong learning opportunities and applying her knowledge and experiences to develop student and school centered programs and supports. Molly has initiated and facilitated the development of a system-wide Crisis Response Team protocol in Henderson County in addition to the creation of the Henderson County Suicide Prevention Toolkit. She is an engaged member of her professional community with multiple published articles and frequent speaking engagements at the local and state levels.

Molly Luplow
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