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Meredith Collins

Intervention Assistant

Born in Napa California, Meredith grew up predominantly in the midwest. She received her BA degree from William Woods University. During her studies, she worked as a freelance photographer for the local town newspaper. During one of her semesters at William Woods University, Meredith did an internship as a social worker which sparked her interest in special education. Meredith’s career has varied from first working in the securities industry, and finally to her desired passion of working with children with special needs for the past eight years.

Prior to teaching, Meredith’s love of animals led her to own a small farm with her husband where they re-trained horses off the racetrack. They often committed their time volunteering for therapeutic horsemanship, and The Humane Society.

Meredith, and her husband, Scott, moved from the Northeast to beautiful Asheville with their three dogs and three sons. In addition to teaching, Meredith and her family are avid hikers and mountain bikers. They also enjoy playing tennis and rowing.

Meredith Collins
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