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Luciana Coffin

2nd Grade Assistant Teacher

Luciana was born and raised in Brazil, where she got a degree in English and became a EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher. In her years of teaching, she’s gotten to connect with children from different parts of the world while learning more about their culture, which helped her grow as a person and as a teacher. In her experiences working and studying abroad (when she still lived in Brazil), Luciana got to meet, work with and learn from people from all over the world. Her goal is to keep seeking opportunities to do that, wherever she is.

Luciana has always been passionate about student-focused and interactive learning, which is why she is so excited about working at FernLeaf! She is also a firm believer that each student’s personality, interests and learning styles are important tools in making the learning process meaningful and effective.  

She and her husband moved to Asheville from Texas a year ago with their two cats and their puppy, and they have really enjoyed mountain life and everything it has to offer. Luciana loves the outdoors and she also enjoys painting, cooking and baking, and traveling to new places. Her favorite place so far is the Southwest desert.

Luciana Coffin
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