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Lorie Peterson

5th & 6th Grades English Language Arts Teacher

Lorie has been involved in education for the majority of her adult life. Inspired by her aunt, she decided to pursue a career in education, and she has a wide variety of experience including teaching preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and middle school. Lorie has been part of the public education system in multiple states, and she taught at two progressive private schools in Montana. Throughout her career she has seen the educational system experience major changes, but the one thing that has remained constant is the need for compassion and kindness. 

Lorie is passionate about the bountiful gifts and opportunities offered by the natural world. While living in Montana, she owned and operated a local small business in which she grew plants that were sold at the local farmers market, and she taught classes on the cultivation and use of these plants. Recently, Lorie decided to make a change in her career so she could combine her love of education with her passion for the outdoor world. FernLeaf Community Charter School is the perfect place for Lorie to be a part of the things she values most: kindness, compassion, appreciation, and exploration of the world around us. 

When Lorie isn’t busy with teaching, she can be found gardening, hiking, reading on her porch, or visiting with loved ones. 

Lorie Peterson
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