Our Team

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5th - 8th Grade Visual Arts Teacher

Liz Wiesel came to Fernleaf in 2017 after teaching Art in Henderson County for 11 years. Originally from Michigan, she received her BFA, K-12 Art teaching license, and certification from Michigan State University. During her time with Henderson County Public Schools she taught high school Art and Photography and earned her National Board Certification.

When not actively making America smarter, Liz can be found wrangling her three kids, spending time with her dreamy husband, playing with her far-too-devoted-dogs, or managing her not-nearly-devoted-enough cats and pet bunny. Liz is also a working artist focusing on painting, printmaking, and ceramic arts. Liz is a horrible but enthusiastic baker, an avid but self-deprecating gardener, and an above average dancer. Liz is so excited to bring her love of art and creativity to the students of Fernleaf.