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Hannah Charbel

Upper School Spanish Teacher

Hannah’s passion for teaching Spanish can be traced back to when she first took Spanish with a native Spanish speaker while studying at Ohio University. Although Ohio University was located a few hours from her hometown, Hannah was able to continue pursuing her passions in the small college town; trail running and painting among them. However, the thing that brought her the most joy was getting to experience life abroad through her undergraduate program when she studied abroad in Spain for 3 months.

Hannah first discovered that she wanted to teach Spanish while in college. Initially signed up to be a finance major, she quickly realized that the only class that she actively enjoyed was her Spanish class. She promptly switched majors and never looked back. Her love for the language only grew stronger when she studied abroad - she was completely enthralled by the culture and the reality that learning a new language had opened up a whole new world to her. Those experiences prepared her to run Spanish programs at several schools with enthusiasm, bringing not only her love for the language to her students, but a touch of culture as well.

Moving from Ohio in 2020, Hannah now lives in Hendersonville with her husband, David, and pup, Nala. In her free time, you can find Hannah on the trails with David (running, hiking, climbing or biking), practicing yoga or making something delicious in the kitchen.

Hannah Charbel
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