Our Team

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EC Director

Connie is so excited to be a part of the FernLeaf family. She is a native North Carolinian and grew up near the Outer Banks. She and her husband have lived in the mountains for about six years. They live on a lake and enjoy being outside kayaking, paddle boarding, and hiking with our dog, Derby.

Connie has been an educator for 33 years with a vast variety of experiences beginning her career as an Elementary Education Teacher with a specialized area as a reading specialist. For several years, she worked with the Title I program and then pursued special education. She taught special education from PreK through high school. After teaching for a while, she pursued the administrative role in special education as a compliance specialist, Special Education Coordinator and an Assistant Director of Special Education. She completed her undergraduate degree from East Carolina University and her master’s in administration at Appalachian State University.

Connie's leadership values are based on communicating to others their worth and potential. She challenges herself every day to use her influence to help others discover their voice and purpose. Leadership requires listening and communication skills, decision making abilities, and the ability to inspire others to be leaders. This requires resourcefulness to be open-minded and the ability to embrace change.

As an educational leader, Connie believes actions are much more powerful than words and she applies this belief by leading through example.