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Clare Riviere

Lower School Music Teacher

Clare's passion for music-making can be traced back to her involvement in bands, orchestras, choirs, and jazz ensembles throughout her childhood and adolescence. She grew up in Madison, Wisconsin where she fell in love with music education after teaching private lessons to children in the area.

Clare is a graduate of the University of Kansas, where she majored in Music Education and received a Certificate of Service Learning. During her studies, she completed an early childhood education study abroad program in Costa Rica. During her time abroad, Clare enjoyed collaborating with teachers in the Costa Rican public education system and being an active participant in urban and rural classrooms for students ages 2 through 18. These experiences prepared her to begin teaching K-6 music and directing a choir program near Phoenix, Arizona.

After living in Arizona for three years, Clare and her husband left the desert and moved to WNC. When she is not busy with teaching, she can be found singing with her ukulele at a campfire, spending time outdoors, or taking pictures of her dog.

Clare Riviere
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