Our Team

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7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher

Celia is extremely happy to become a part of the Fernleaf community. She was born and raised in South Africa and has various degrees ranging from Political Science, Philosophy, and Business. In South Africa she was an executive chef, and also taught Business management at a local community college. She moved to the US in 2002.

When her own kids became teenagers, she discovered that she really and truly loves hanging out with middle school kids! They are creative, dynamic, caring, and thoughtful. She decided to leave the private sector and become a middle school math teacher. After further study at WCU, she started teaching as a lateral entry teacher at Asheville Middle school, where she taught for six years. She then moved to Rugby Middle School for a couple of years, before finding Fernleaf.

In her spare time she gardens and sometimes has to be called inside by her family when it gets too dark to pull out any more weeds! She also loves reading and still reads every night before turning out the light. In what little remains of her spare time, she plays Pokemon Go with her youngest offspring (who is 24 years old), tries to understand the math that her oldest offspring (who is 25 years old and finishing a Masters Degree in Math) loves telling her about, and watches SciFi movies with her partner.