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Ahmed Aldossary

7th & 8th Grades Science

Ahmed was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. After completing his bachelor’s degree in geology, Ahmed worked for the largest oil company in Saudi Arabia for several years and would most times be out in the desert or on offshore oil rigs analyzing the soil samples and advising the drilling efforts.

In 2014 Ahmed moved to South Florida, met his spouse, and completed the requirements to become a teacher. This is where he found his true passion. After teaching middle school science for several years at a school for disadvantaged kids, Ahmed and his family decided to escape the high temperatures of south Florida and move to the beautiful Asheville area in 2019, where he has been teaching ever since.

Ahmed believes that every student is capable of learning and growing. Ahmed sees the value in allowing students the opportunity to see mistakes and imperfections as part of the process in growing. There are various types of learners and keeping every student excited and engaged about learning is essential. Creating an environment that students feel safe, welcomed, and supported involves students in their own learning.

When he’s not working, Ahmed can be found playing soccer and kickball, as well as bowling on a local team. He loves to spend time with family and friends going on adventures.

Ahmed Aldossary
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