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Supporting Young Adults

FernLeaf Community Charter School Supporting Young Adults
FernLeaf Community Charter School Supporting Young Adults
Adolescence is a challenging time in the lives of many kids. It’s a period of rapid growth and development physically, emotionally and academically.


FernLeaf's tight-knit community allows us to provide unparalleled support and guidance to young adults. Our secondary school program is approximately half the size of the average area middle and high schools. This provides a differentiated experience through progressively more complex, project-based, individualized and experiential opportunities. 

There’s no question that adolescence brings with it a myriad of considerations when it comes to meeting the educational and social needs of students. It's also a time where students need to develop greater levels of independence and organization.


Fortunately, at FernLeaf we are able to create a supportive and student centered environment that works to meet the individual needs of each student through a variety of supports and experiences. 

FernLeaf Community Charter School Supporting Young Adults
​examples of how Fernleaf supports middle & upper grade students are through:

  • Social connections daily through extended passing periods to allow for socialization and unstructured time outside everyday. 

  • Community building through: class meetings, student planned social events and the student-led events planning committee.

  • Opportunities for domestic and international travel.

  • Grade level overnight trips.

  • Experiential and Project Based Learning experiences that bring learning to life.

  • Diverse Elective Course Offerings:  Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Instrumental Music, STEM, Outdoor and Environmental Education, Foreign Language, Independent Study and Physical Fitness.

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