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Fernleaf's School Report Card

Once a year, every public school in North Carolina is issued a School Report Card which includes a variety of data points including attendance, school safety, demographics, and student performance on standardized tests. 


While this system may appear to be comprehensive and straightforward, there are many aspects of educating the whole child that are not reflected in this single report. 

FernLeaf takes a holistic approach to providing individualized instruction to our students. This includes a focus on social emotional learning and hands on experiences as well as providing academic instruction in all the areas addressed in the NC Standard Course of Study. Because we are a small school with a strong community, we know our students’ current levels of proficiency and we use a variety of information to provide instruction that is appropriate for each child’s growth and development. We provide a balanced education that is as rich in academics as it is in experiences. This allows FernLeaf students to not only achieve academic fluency but also preserves and fuels their innate love of learning.


Standardized tests play a role in determining students’ academic proficiency levels so we are committed to demonstrating individual and schoolwide academic growth each year.  Simultaneously, we are committed to creating a positive learning environment that encourages students to be thoughtful, compassionate, and engaged with the world around them. Providing this variation on the traditional approach to school gives our students an experience that is rich in experiential learning, outdoor education, and social emotional learning while also providing a strong academic foundation.

Performance Grade C 60
Performance Grade C 60
NC Exceeded Academic Growth Award-2022-23-Small.png
No school report card Due to COVID 19

No Score or Letter Grade Due to COVID 19
Performance Grade C 61
Performance Grade C 66
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