FernLeaf Community Charter School Remote Learning
FernLeaf Community Charter School Remote Learning
FernLeaf Community Charter School Remote Learning
FernLeaf is committed to providing our students with a rich learning environment that embodies community, understanding and the human spirit. These principles guide us as we grow and develop our educational programming in the Remote Learning environment.


In order to provide quality instruction, engaging and meaningful activities, and an overall AWESOME experience, we have created a framework for remote instruction that includes synchronous whole group and small group instruction every day for Reading and Math instruction.


FernLeaf's Remote Learning environment now includes in-person learning opportunities once every two weeks. These in-person learning opportunities allow us to expand academic offerings, provide students with opportunities for socialization and physical activity, and help students and families to feel connected to their school community in rich and meaningful ways.


In true FernLeaf fashion, in-person learning opportunities include:

carefully structured outdoor activities both on and off campus that may include academic instruction, project work, fieldwork, outdoor education, physical activities and opportunities to fill other educational gaps.

In addition to expanding in-person learning experiences, additional emphasis will also be placed on creating opportunities for continued strengthening and nurturing of our entire school community through carefully structured school-wide activities and events.


Why Our Remote Learning is Working

  • Google Classroom is used to organize and track assignments.

  • Full-class Google Meets are recorded and archived for students who are not able to participate in the live sessions.

  • Class scheduling intentionally breaks up the day so there is not extended continuous screen time.

  • Daily Synchronous Lesson for Language Arts and Math.

  • K - 2 grade classes have daily synchronous lessons for Fundations.

  • 3 - 5 grade classes have daily synchronous lessons for Science.

  • Older grades have daily synchronous lessons for Science and Social Studies.

  • Jamboard and Google Slides are used to deliver real-time dynamic content.

  • NC Ready and iReady are used to monitor student progress with Reading and Math standards. 

  • Discovery Education is used for dynamic content delivery for science and social studies. 

  • Remote learning includes in-school and after school classes in Visual/Performing Arts, Outdoor Education, STEM and much, much more!