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FernLeaf Community Charter School Prepares Kids for Life
Our mission and vision guide everything that we do


EVERY aspect of FernLeaf promotes high levels of understanding, compassion and engagement in our students and staff.


The result is experienced and confident next-generation leaders, thinkers and community contributors.

Whether preparing for the next level of education or entering the workforce, FernLeaf students are well-prepared for the challenge of life through experience, curiosity and loving to learn. 

A FernLeaf education not only prepares students for college and career leadership, but also for meaningful and connected lives. Our excellent educators and educational practices foster engagement and accomplishment in K - 12 academics, while supporting the growth of thoughtful and compassionate adults. 

Prepared to Learn 


Extensive research shows that academic success is closely tied with high engagement. FernLeaf’s learning approach consciously employs research-based strategies to nurture and support passionate and successful student engagement in the learning process through high school and beyond.


Small schools demonstrate better support for academic success, both before graduation and in college. In addition, our school offers students a creative and vibrant environment to explore their own unique gifts and passions.


FernLeaf’s focus on student-driven, hands-on project work, fieldwork, mentorship and community engagement is designed to motivate students to sustain deep engagement with the learning process.

FernLeaf Community Charter School Prepares Kids to Learn
FernLeaf Community Charter School Prepares Kids to Lead
Prepared to Lead


FernLeaf’s collaborative learning approach not only supports the development of fluent literacy, numeracy and content knowledge, but also builds the goal-setting, problem-solving, analysis and communication skills that are among those most valued in the marketplace.


And, FernLeaf’s focus on interpersonal skills, mindfulness and community culture fosters the emotional and social intelligence required to contribute and lead effectively in the workplace.  

Prepared to Live 


FernLeaf carefully cultivates a school culture and human-scale community that foster authentic relationships among students, teachers and our families.


FernLeaf students grow up in a web of positive support that allows them to successfully navigate the rites of passage of childhood and adolescence and to develop the emotional resources and caring relationships that they will need to live out happy, meaningful lives. 

FernLeaf Community Charter School Prepares Kids to Live
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