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Students are given ample opportunities to work with other students outside their age group.


Just like the real world, they interact with people who are both older and younger than themselves. This encourages a sense of leadership and community. FernLeaf meets students where they are and provides unique flexibility to students who learn in different ways.  We recognize that students perform at all different levels and teacher's adjust accordingly. 

​Some examples of our multi-age programming include:
  • Tutoring programs allow older students to learn by teaching, and younger students to gain a mentor and friend.

  • School-wide gatherings like Stone Soup, musical performances, festivals, annual Bearwallow hike and potlucks bring all grade levels together.

  • Multi-age projects are part of Project Based Learning and give space for teams of older and younger students to work together.

  • After School clubs and classes are multi-age and result in musical and theatrical performances by mixed-age groups of students.

  • Multi-age field work opportunities are offered every year.

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