Intermediate & Middle school

5th through 8th grades

5th & 6th grades comprise FernLeaf's Intermediate School while 7th & 8th grades make up our Middle School.

These are formative years in every person's life. Since FernLeaf strives to nurture the WHOLE person, not only will your intermediate & middle grades student thrive academically, but they will grow into thoughtful & compassionate members of society.


Once children reach 5th grade they are eager to dig deeper into their own unique passions and aptitudes, and FernLeaf's Staff are eager to promote this deep learning through the multiple opportunities listed below.

Since FernLeaf is a K - 12 school, becoming a part of FernLeaf's middle school NOW ensures that your child will have a place in FernLeaf's remarkable high school experience in the future!

what makes 5th - 8th grade unique?

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FernLeaf recognizes the importance of friendships and relationship building during the teenage years and provides numerous opportunities for students to socialize both in and outside of the school day. During the school day students participate in daily community meetings and team building experiences and are provided with an extended lunch and increased time between classes.



At FernLeaf we aim to nurture the whole child and real world experiences are an important part of helping students to become thoughtful, compassionate and engaged. Through hands on, experiential and project based learning, as well as job shadowing & internship opportunities, and more, students are given the opportunity to develop skills that will help them be successful in life.



Once a student reaches middle school at FernLeaf they begin to choose their elective classes - which they get to attend EVERY day! Options include: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, STEM, Physical Fitness & Environmental Science.



Middle Schoolers at FernLeaf have the opportunity to participate in Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, Cross Country, Ultimate Frisbee & Girls on the Run.



Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year FernLeaf middle school students will have the opportunity to participate in adventure sports including: Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Rafting, Mountain Biking, Snowboarding & Skiing, Backpacking & Hiking.


leadership opportunities

The development of leadership skills is an important part of the middle school years and FernLeaf helps students to hone these skills by providing numerous opportunities to take on increasing levels of responsibility. While it may look different for every student, some of the opportunities include being student ambassadors, leading committees for the betterment of the school community, event planning, tutoring younger students, leading schoolwide mindfulness practices, and more.  



Opportunities for travel play an important role in developing independence, providing real world experiences, and providing students with a more nuanced view of the world outside of school. All FernLeaf students participate in a minimum of 8 off campus field work experiences each year, overnight experiences, and for middle school students - optional international & domestic travel opportunities including trips to Costa Rica, National Parks, and more!



On top of the Athletics & Adventure Sports opportunities available, middle school students can also join academic clubs (Odyssey of the Mind, Battle of the Books, Science Olympiad & Robotics) as well as participate in performing arts including Drama and Instrumental Music.



And, we can't forget the incredible options we have available as after school enrichment classes! See our current offerings here.

Love the school, I have been coming for five years and I found my best friend in the first year of school. The teachers are amazing, and the staff are all super nice.

6th grade FernLeaf student