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FernLeaf is committed to identifying the unique aptitudes of every student. We honor each student for their individual abilities. 

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We take advantage of small group instruction, Project Based Learning, independent-learning opportunities and creative scheduling to challenge our high achieving students.

FernLeaf is uniquely equipped to support advanced learners through multi-age and experiential-learning opportunities.  Because we are a small school we are able to meet students at their level including offering advanced coursework and increasingly complex experiences as students continue to progress. 


This way we are able to keep advanced learners engaged by providing an unparalleled variety and independence of exploration which results in students finding their true passions and aptitudes.

Some examples of how we support advanced learners include:
  • Differentiated instruction within every class.

  • Flexible individual learning plans to meet the needs of high achieving students.

  • Project based learning to strengthen critical thinking and problem solving skills.

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