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Riley Horne

5th-10th Grades EC Assistant Teacher & Extended Care Assistant

Riley's interest in being a teaching assistant can be traced back to her volunteer work in a homeless womens' childcare program during college. Riley grew up in a variety of locations but some notable highlights are South Carolina, Texas, Japan, and Georgia. In these ventures she got her education, traveled, and started playing Dungeons and Dragons in her free time, which, effectively destroyed all her free time. 

Riley has done a variety of things that she has enjoyed, including working on cruise ships, working as an assistant paper conservator, and as a docent in museums and art galleries in Atlanta, and more.Those experiences rounded her out and made her curious to both learn about the world and show what she learned to others. Nothing was as satisfying as her volunteer work, however, so Riley decided to pursue teaching as a career. 

Riley is a graduate of Emory University and will soon be a graduate of Western Carolina University where she will earn her masters in teaching. Riley continues to play Dungeons and Dragons as well as occasionally practice her Japanese, buy overpriced bath bombs, make puns she claims are decent, and drink too much coffee and tea.  

Riley Horne
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