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Malindi Arensen

K-4th Grades EC Assistant Teacher

Growing up in Kenya, Malindi experienced a diverse background. As a child, she developed a love for the outdoors, and enjoyed going on adventures with her family. She came back to the states for her bachelor's degree in Outdoor Education from Montreat College. After college, she took a job in Boone, NC, at a treatment facility for troubled teens. Moving to Brevard, NC, she was offered a job working with children with autism. At that time, she became a registered behavioral therapist (RBT) doing applied behavioral analysis therapy (ABA).

As a child, Malindi watched her mom teach and assist children with learning disabilities.  Having personal experience with a learning challenge, she developed compassion for others with similar struggles. Working with children with autism showed her where her passion lay.

Malindi and her husband love living in Brevard where they enjoy being outdoors, hiking or canoeing. Her hobbies are painting, pottery, quilting, and reading.

Malindi Arensen
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