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Finn Hardin

1st Grade Assistant Teacher

Meet Finn, an enthusiastic and dedicated teaching assistant at FernLeaf Charter School.

Originally from the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, Finn found his passion for education

through the influence of his close-knit family.

As an avid nature lover, you can often find Finn exploring the great outdoors, whether it's

hiking picturesque trails or spending quality time with his furry companion.

Equipped with a recent graduation from Clemson University, Finn holds a degree in

Elementary Education, reflecting his commitment to fostering the academic growth and

development of young minds. Eager to create engaging and interactive learning

experiences, he consistently seeks innovative ways to incorporate activities into daily

lesson plans.

With a boundless imagination and a knack for brainstorming, Finn infuses creativity into

his teaching approach, making each lesson a memorable and enjoyable experience for

his students. Passionate about instilling a lifelong love for learning, he strives to create

a nurturing and inclusive classroom environment where every student feels valued and


In his role as a teaching assistant at FernLeaf, Finn is excited to contribute to the

school's community, shaping the young minds of tomorrow and nurturing a love for

knowledge that will last a lifetime.

Finn Hardin
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