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Xavier Latorre

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Raised in the mountains of Puerto Rico, Xavier Latorre always had a passion for the outdoors and the arts. Following this passion led him to hold a degree in Arts from Tampa Technical Institute. He is also bilingual and often uses this ability to help those for whom English is a second language. He has 7 years of experience working with children in preschool to 5th grade as a teacher assistant in Montessori, forest school and charter school settings where he was trained in Conscious Discipline and mindfulness education. He supports children's independence with positive motivation and a calm nature. Xavier believes academics should be delivered in a fun and engaging way that integrates the natural and spiritual world.

Xavier is a co-founder of EcoVillage School, with his wife Natalie, which has offered nature based summer camps, homeschool classes, and provided academic assistance, social emotional and spiritual support to children ages 6 to 5th grade. He values the importance of making connections, respecting children as individuals, time spent with nature, and all living things on this planet so children can learn from the world around them.

Xavier is an artist who enjoys creating mystical art using acrylic on vintage window panes. He is also a producer and programmer for his music project, A-tria, an electronic adventure. When Xavier is not working with students, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 5 kids, hiking, foraging, woodworking and restoration projects

Xavier Latorre
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