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Neil Cawlfield

9th & 10th Grades History Teacher

Neil grew up in Austin, Texas and joined the Navy after high school. The Navy allowed him to travel the world. He lived in Iceland for two years, traveled to the Arctic Circle, crossed the equator, sailed around Tierra del Fuego and even got a little time in West Africa. After almost 10 years in the Navy, Neil left the service to go to college and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Sociology. After undergrad, Neil wasn’t done with learning and went on to earn a Masters in Education and a Juris Doctor degree.

Neil’s continued passion for teaching history can be traced to his travels. Having had the privilege to visit Anne Frank’s attic, the beaches of Normandy, the Lorraine Motel and many more powerful historical sites is what brings history to life.

When he is not busy with teaching he can be found with his nose in a book, working on home improvement projects, or ideally, at a beach somewhere.

Neil Cawlfield
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