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Aaron Westhusing

7th & 8th Grade Math

Aaron has been teaching mathematics for 5 years in North Carolina. He has taught High School, and Middle school grades 6th-10th in Greenville and Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He and his wife have recently moved to the Asheville area to be closer to family. Aaron was born in West Point, New York, but grew up in the Asheville area. He graduated from Averett University with a bachelor’s in History & Politics and a minor in Mathematics.

Aaron played basketball, tennis, and ran cross country for the division III Averett Cougars. Aaron enjoys all things sports, solving Rubik’s cubes and playing chess. He can often be found playing disc golf and enjoying the outdoors on a sunny day. He is a certified PDGA official and holds multiple career tournament wins. He loves to incorporate sports, the outdoors, Rubik’s Cube algorithms/competitions and the strategies learned from chess in his classroom.

Aaron Westhusing
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