Welcome to FernLeaf and all it has to offer your child and your family! We are SO glad you’ve chosen this place as your family’s school. We are sure you will quickly realize that FernLeaf is much more than a school - it’s a community. The staff and FernLeaf families have worked hard to build and foster a vision and specific culture these past few years, and we’re excited for you to get involved.

FernLeaf’s mission/vision is “to foster a rich learning environment that embodies the essence of community, understanding, and the human spirit. Grounded in humble respect for our surroundings, the individual, and the world as a whole, we seek to engage the unique passions and aptitudes of our school community so that in addition to achieving academic fluency, students become thoughtful, compassionate, and engaged.”

FernLeaf has been defined by its amazing family volunteers since opening its doors in 2016. The community might even be a reason you’ve chosen FernLeaf as your family’s school home!

The range of ways families have discovered and used their abilities to help foster and enrich this mission has been amazing to watch unfurl.  A small sample of what we’ve seen already includes:

  • a green thumb helping in the garden
  • a NASA engineer talking to students
  • families providing healthy and delicious snacks for staff
  • writers and thinkers composing newsletters
  • parents volunteering to staff the FernLeaf booth at festivals
  • people taking time to connect the school with outside resources
  • a cellist performing for students
  • entire families pulling weeds
  • expert social media support
  • an HVAC professional servicing heat pumps
  • an electrician providing ongoing support
  • carpenters building furniture, obstacle courses, and rooms
  • people volunteering to direct traffic, shovel mulch, and even cover the front desk for Karie!  

You may not know what you have to offer yet, but it will reveal itself over time just by being involved at the school!

At FernLeaf, we believe that everyone has something to offer and know that those gifts are essential to the overall health and wellbeing of the greater community. There is a place for YOU to share your gifts of time, talent and treasure!

Our children learn, model and retain behaviors that they observe at home and in the wider world - their ability to embody what they witness is a superpower of sorts, and an amazing example of their potential to learn and grow. The FernLeaf mission is committed to creating an environment that models community, compassion and engagement in order to provide a rich environment for kids to lean into the good. The work of making that mission reality is shared by us all.

Now that you’ve agreed to be a part of the FernLeaf community, you have also committed to give of your time, talent and treasure to make the school a better place for all the kids and families involved. The minimum requirement is to give an average of 3 hours a month per family (1.5 hours for single parent families). We realize that not all families’ schedules are the same so we offer MULTIPLE opportunities (daytime, evening and weekend hours) to ensure all families can be a part of the work.

It’s important to us that you ENJOY your volunteer time at FernLeaf - when you’re happy, your child will begin to see that giving of yourself in order to create something bigger and lasting IS awesome! The best way to ensure that, is to find YOUR place that makes use of YOUR skills and gifts.

Click Here to find a list of all the ways we have already thought up to get involved at FernLeaf. We are aware that this list is NOT comprehensive and if you have an idea that you would like to see come to fruition and that aligns with FernLeaf’s mission (and that you would like to spearhead!) please contact the Volunteer Committee at sheena.isaacs@fernleafccs.org