Volunteer Opportunities

Below, you will find a list of all the ways we have already thought up to get involved at FernLeaf. Click on any of the Chairperson names below to reach out and find out how to get involved.

We are aware that this list is NOT comprehensive and if you have an idea that you would like to see come to fruition and that aligns with FernLeaf’s mission (and that you would like to spearhead!) please contact the Volunteer Committee at sheena.isaacs@fernleafccs.org

  1. Teacher Wellness Committee \\  Chair, Sara Miller 
  2. Fieldwork Driver \\  Chair, Karie Martin 
    • You can also directly speak with your child’s teacher about this opportunity. You will need a background check and a copy of your driver’s license on file with Karie.
  3. Gardening Club \\  Chair, April Graham
  4. Cleaning \\  Chair, Karie Martin
  5. Groundskeeping\Campus Improvement \\  Chair, Chad Camby
  6. Volunteer Committee
  7. Tutoring/educational support  \\  Chair, Molly Luplow
  8. Parent/community led club  \\  Chair, Molly Luplow
  9. Parent Liaison Program. \\  Chair, Nicole Rule
  10. The Frond + Fiddlehead School Newsletter \\  Chair, Sam Rule
  11. Fundraising Committee
  12. Community service  \\  Chair, Michelle Spevak
  13. Student Wellness
  14. Car Rider Line
  15. Chickens/animal Care \\  Chair, Alyssa Moore \\ Click here to sign up
  16. Event Support (Including FrondFest)
  17. Communication
  18. Lost and Found