Volunteer FAQs

1) How do I know if I need a background check and how do I get one?

If you would like to volunteer in a capacity that requires direct contact with 5 or fewer children (without a teacher present), a background check is required. Please fill out a background check form and return to Karie with $10 to cover the cost. NOTE: This is also required if you would like to volunteer as a parent driver for field work along with a copy of your Driver’s license. Please take a picture of your license with your phone and email it to Karie@karie.martin@fernleafccs.org


2) I did a background check last year. Can FernLeaf use that one for this school year?

Unfortunately, no. For the safety of our students, a new background check needs to be completed each school year. 


3) Do I need to volunteer 3 hours each month per child, or just 3 hours each month?

3 Hours of volunteer time per month is what is required per family at FernLeaf. Even if you have 3 children at FernLeaf, 3 hours per month is the minimum. If you are a single parent household we request 1.5 hours per month.


4) Can someone else fulfill my volunteer requirement on my behalf?

Yes! A grandparent, or neighbor or cousin can volunteer on behalf of your family to get your required hours in every month.


5) I work during school hours. Are there after-hours volunteer opportunities?

Yes! There are multiple after-hours, or “on your own time” volunteer opportunities for those families that work during school hours. If you are wondering the best ways for you to get involved and still use your gifts please contact sheena.isaacs@fernleafccs.org


6) I don't have time to volunteer this month, can I contribute in other ways?

If you are still having difficulty creating space to give of your time and talent please consider giving of your treasure to cover your 3 hours for the month. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and used to help cover the costs of hiring help as needed! You can do this right now through this link!!