Tracking Hours

In order to track the awesomeness that families provide through their volunteer efforts, we require that families complete this brief online form MONTHLY to keep track of your hours and share who has volunteered for your family.

While we understand that this is another step among the many steps that make up your days, it’s also an important part of this effort as it tangibly quantifies something that can be abstract and ethereal. A kindergartener, a fifth grader and a parent or community partner can all understand and celebrate a visual representation of hours that school families have collectively given.  We encourage families to sit down together once a month to complete the form together as a way of celebrating their contributions to the school.

Tracking hours is an amazing way to reinforce and deepen the culture of good, powerful responsibility FernLeaf is built on!

Karie will email you ONCE monthly to prompt you to fill out the form.

Volunteers who fill out this form monthly and complete 15 hours of volunteer work (7.5 hours for a single-parent household) at FernLeaf will receive a “Volunteering is my jam!” bumper magnet for their car AND be invited to a twice yearly volunteer appreciation celebration! These are amazing opportunities to connect with your fellow FernLeaf families and be pampered at the same time. You don’t want to miss these!

After 21 hours (10.5 hours for a single-parent household), you will receive a “I’m a FernLeaf Volunteer, What’s Your Superpower” t-shirts we’ve created to honor your commitment and service.

“Be the change you hope to see in the world” is an inspiring reminder of the reality that a personal choice and commitment are required components of creating anything of meaning and substance, and is at the heart of how and why FernLeaf was formed. We are so grateful that you’ve made the choice to be part of the work to create a school community at FernLeaf that is supportive, engaged and a rich environment for our kids to become the superheros we all know they can be.

Click here to access the volunteer hour tracking form.