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Travis Galloway

Lower School Art Teacher

When Travis was sent to his elementary principal for doodling imaginary creatures on a spelling test, he first glimpsed the power art held over his fate. Growing up in the forests of upstate SC, his enchantment with art and nature took root and grew into a career. Now, after well over a decade of teaching fellow artistic rulebreakers, he is excited to bring his love of wild creativity to Fernleaf.

Being an enthusiastic dabbler–or as he’d rather call it, a renaissance man–Travis has written fantasy books, designed geeky t-shirts, created numerous card and board games, and won awards for his pretentious poetry, all the while ping-ponging between various art mediums. Currently, he is sort of digging sumi-e painting.

Travis is a graduate of Lander University with a Masters in Arts and Teaching, a BA in visual art, as well as a dabbler’s scattering of divergent minors. When he isn’t doodling imaginary creatures at inappropriate times, he’s likely writing weird books for kids, reorganizing his board game collection, or getting lost in the woods with his wife and two kiddos.

Travis Galloway
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