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Sarah Kidston

Intervention Coordinator

Sarah Kidston’s passion for working with students can be traced back to middle school where she was a camp counselor at Camp Blue Sky for many years. She grew up in Brevard, NC where she was involved in all sorts of sports: soccer, basketball, softball, swimming and track. After having many memorable teachers and mentors throughout her life, she decided she also wanted to help students and make a difference.

She first landed at Brevard Academy which was a wonderful teaching experience and introduced her to the idea of international teaching. After a couple of years she decided to take the leap and landed in Seoul, South Korea for 8 years. Over the 8 years abroad, she was able to visit and work with international schools in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Qatar. Those experiences shaped her perspective and philosophy on education. She was able to see different patterns, trends, frameworks and educational approaches that were very successful world wide across many different cultures and settings. Those experiences showed her what should be happening in schools which is why she sought out FernLeaf once she was back home.

Sarah is a graduate of Western Carolina University, where she majored in Elementary Education and Reading K-12. She also received her Master’s in Educational Technology. In addition to her degrees she is a certified Orton-Gillingham teacher and Google Educator. When she is not busy teaching she can be found playing bocce ball, Catan and hanging out with her 3 cats and husband.

Sarah Kidston
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