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Robert Myers


Robert was Born in Elkridge, MD and raised in the hills of Hedgesville, WV. His passion for driving and standards for cleanliness can be traced back to the US Army. He enlisted at the age of 20, volunteering to be an Airborne Infantryman. After 3 deployments, 33 successful jumps, and numerous awards alongside Master Driver, Robert left the service to settle into a more family oriented lifestyle.

From Anchorage, AK, Robert moved to the mountains of Fletcher, NC to be closer to family. Robert earned an Associates Degree in the Science of Firearms technology before deciding to make a career change. He was recruited by his wife, Valerie, to become a custodian/bus driver for the school in April 2022.

When Robert isn’t working, he can be found spending precious time with his family on their homefront. He enjoys sunny days on the beach, taking his family out in their camper, NASCAR races, and spending time in the woods exploring nature.

Robert Myers
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