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Rebecca Butler

1st Grade Teacher

Becca's passion for teaching can be traced back to her time volunteering in orphanages in Nicaragua in her summers in high school. That was when she knew she wanted to make a difference in the world and in the lives of children. Becca, was born in New Zealand and grew up all over the continental United States where she developed a passion for new experiences, music and nature.

Becca decided to do her undergraduate degree in New Zealand where she spent her time tramping (nz word for backpacking) and fighting for the ecological protection of New Zealand’s unique ecosystem. Upon graduating, Becca decided to move to Japan and begin teaching at a Montessori based international school. After a time she moved to an art and music based PBL school located in Tokyo.Those experiences led her to pursue her Masters degree in education and then go on to work on the professional development team at the University of Florida to increase public school’s teachers abilities to incorporate STEM in their classrooms as well as develop a STEM based curriculum for an international school in Japan.

Becca is a graduate of University of Florida, where she majored in elementary education. When she is not busy with teaching, she can be found wandering the mountains with her dog Rigby, kayaking, playing music, listening to music, and finding new adventures!

Rebecca Butler
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