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Michelle Morris

3rd Grade Interim Teacher

Michelle relocated to North Carolina in the fall of 2021. Michelle’s professional training and experience began in the United Kingdom and continued here in the United States. Since she came to the USA in 2001, Michelle has taught at California schools in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Before her cross country move, she had been teaching in a prestigious LA independent school since 2012. 


Michelle is an energetic and enthusiastic educator who loves to plan and deliver the academic curriculum through inspiring and interesting lessons that engage all students in a meaningful way. Michelle also strives to build a classroom environment that affords children the sense that we live in a world that is equally fascinating and exciting. Michelle also believes in the importance of building a strong classroom community where people are kind and helpful to one another. Michelle promotes character education by emphasizing our basic rights and responsibilities and creating a culture of respect, acceptance, and authentic caring. 


On a personal note, and bringing balance to her professional life, Michelle loves animals, ALL of them (with the possible exception of naked mole rats) and is an all-round nature lover. She has wide-ranging tastes in reading, music, cinema, and art – she strives to ignite a passion for the arts in her students to match her own. She lives in Fletcher with her partner, Barrie, and her rescue dog, Ysbryd – all three of them love to be out and about having fun exploring the delights of NC! 

Michelle Morris
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