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Madelyn Barnes

Kindergarten Teacher

Madelyn was born and raised in rural Southwest Virginia and has taken a unique path to the elementary school classroom. Always having a passion for children and babysitting regularly, she volunteered with kids and nannied in college while studying fashion merchandising and public relations. After earning her degrees she spent time as a wedding planner, running a B&B and traveling. Spending time in job areas that didn’t involve children, however, made her realize there was something missing from her life. 

After some soul searching she realized she has always been happiest when working with kids and earned her K-6 teaching license from UNCA in 2019. She knew she made the right decision when she began making connections with students and seeing the growth they make everyday. Madelyn has spent the last few years teaching kindergarten in the Asheville area and loves creating a safe and inclusive space for lightbulb moments and creativity. 

Madelyn brings her experience into the classroom to help students understand the natural world. She’s passionate about fostering valuable relationships through social emotional learning and guiding students to reach their goals. In her free time you’ll find her crafting, eating yummy food or fishing with her husband, Matt, and their three dogs: Dave, Gertie and Luna. 

Madelyn Barnes
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